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Welcome to Curve Finance

Explore the world of Curve, a leading decentralized exchange and automated market maker on Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, known for its advanced stablecoin trading capabilities. This documentation provides a clear overview of Curve's diverse features and functionalities. Learn about the different versions of Curve pools, including v1 and v2, gain insights into the CRV token, and understand the innovative crvUSD stablecoin and new lending platform.

Whether a liquidity provider, interested in governance, or exploring multi-chain functionalities, this guide offers valuable information to get to know Curve's dynamic ecosystem.

Resources and guides to get started with Curve and the Curve DAO

  • Getting Started with Curve v1 and Curve v2

    Discover the fundamentals of Curve, including versions v1 and v2, and get familiar with the platform's core features.

    Curve v1, Curve v2

  • Asset 1 CRV Token

    Explore the dynamics of the CRV Token: Tokenomics, Staking, Claiming Fees, and more.

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  • image/svg+xml veCRV

    Obtain veCRV by locking CRV tokens, which allows users to participate in governance, boost their LP rewards, and earn protocol accrued fees.

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  • Stablecoin

    Learn about crvUSD, including its creation, management, and key concepts, along with a comprehensive FAQ section.

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  • Liquidity Providers

    Understand Curve pools, yield calculations, and the deposit process, including specific pool types like tri-pool, base pool or metapool.

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  • Reward Gauges

    Explore gauges in-depth, including creation, boosting CRV rewards, understanding gauge weights, and permissionless rewards.

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  • Governance

    Gain insights into Curve's governance structure: Vote Locking, Voting, and Proposals.

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  • Multi-Chain

    Explore the multi-chain aspect of Curve, including bridging funds and understanding the cross-chain functionalities.

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  • Creating Pools

    Understand the Pool Factory and dive into the pool creation process.

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  • Troubleshooting

    Find solutions for common issues like cross-asset swaps, stuck transactions, and wallet integrations.

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