Understanding Weights

What are weights and why do they matter?

Currently, around 750,000 CRV are distributed daily to liquidity providers on the Curve protocol. One of the DAO's most important job is to decide which pools should receive the CRV.
You can find each liquidity gauge relative weight on this page: https://dao.curve.fi/minter/gauges
The pie chart shows which liquidity gauge receive the most CRV.
Just because a pool has a larger weight doesn't mean it will have a higher APY. The CRV allocated to a gauge is shared between all the liquidity providers in it.

Why are gauge weights so important?

Because those weights decide where the CRV inflation goes, it allows the DAO to control where most of the liquidity should go and balance liquidity. It's a powerful tool for voters that must be used responsibly.
Currently, gauge weights are updated once a week on Thursdays around midnight UTC.

Voting for gauge weight

You can currently put your voting weight towards the gauge of your choice at this address: https://dao.curve.fi/gaugeweight
If you wish to vote, select the pool of your choice, select your BPS value (10,000 = 100%) and click submit. You can vote on the weights once every 10 days and can select multiple pools.
The gauge weight is updated once a week on Thursdays.
Last modified 1yr ago