Loan Details

The Loan Details page shows you information about your loan as well as features to manage your loan.

Loan Management

Everything you may need to manage your loan is in the dark blue box on the left side of the page. These features include:
  • Loan:
    • Borrow more
    • Repay
    • Self-Liquidate
  • Collateral:
    • Add
    • Remove

Loan Details

When you take out a loan with $crvUSD your collateral is spread over a range of liquidation prices. If the asset price drops within this range, you will enter soft liquidation mode. In soft liquidation mode you cannot add more collateral, your only available actions are to repay your loan with $crvUSD or to self-liquidate yourself.
Additional displays show information about the entire LLAMMA, including the amount of total debt, as well as your wallet balance.
In the upper righthand side of the screen you can toggle advanced mode to get additional information on your loan.
In advanced mode the UI changes to show more information about your collateral bands.
Advanced mode also adds a tab with more info about the entire LLAMMA.