Creating a Factory Pool

Now any user can create a pool and submit it to receive rewards, giving it the full functionality of any pool.

Creating a Pool

The capability to create a factory pool exists on Ethereum with the expectation of rolling it out to all sidechains where Curve launches.
Any user can create a pool directly using the Curve UI:
For the first step, you need to select the type of pool you are interested in building. Curve factory pools can currently only be made between like kind assets. Curve maintains two very stable tripools for dollarcoins (DAI, USDC, USDT) or wrapped Bitcoin (renBTC, wBTC, sBTC) that must be used for any of these assets, turning it into a metapool.
For step 2, provide the Ethereum address along with the token's name and shorthand symbol.
Step 3 provides a few implementation options which may apply to your pool, explained through the UI.
Step 4 allows you to provide the fees accrued to the Curve ecosystem and amplification factor. The amplification factor can be changed after launch by the DAO based on the pool's performance. If you want a recommendation for appropriate values, contact Curve support team.
Finally, you can name your pool and create a unique symbol to deploy as part of the pool's metadata.
Your pool is ready to launch! It will now appear on the Curve page, but it's not yet eligible to earn $CRV rewards.

Deploy a Gauge

You can deploy the gauge directly through the UI simply by posting the address:

Submit a DAO Vote

Once you've created your gauge, you need to submit it to the DAO for a vote.
The address that submits must have 2500 veCRV in order to create a vote.
Once the gauge has been submitted, politics take over. You may want to visit the governance forum and explain why your pool should be made eligible for rewards.