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Understanding governance

Understanding Governance

Voting on the Curve DAO

To vote on the Curve DAO, users need to lock vote lock their CRV. By doing so, participants can earn a boost on their provided liquidity and vote on all DAO proposals. Users who reach a voting power of 2500 veCRV can also create new proposals. There is no minimum voting power required to vote.

Voting Power

veCRV stands for vote escrowed CRV, it's a locker where users can lock their CRV for different lengths of time to gain voting power. Users can lock their CRV for a minimum of week and a maximum of four years. As users with long voting escrow have more stake, they receive more voting power.

The DAO Dashboard

You can visit the Curve DAO dashboard at this address:

On this page, you can find all current and closed votes. All proposals should have a topic on the Curve governance forum at this address:

Submitting proposals

If you wish to create a new official proposal, you should draft a proposal and post it on the governance forum. You must also research that it's possible and gauge interest of the community via the Curve Discord, Telegram or Governance forum.

If you're not sure about the technical details of submitting your proposal to the Ethereum blockchain, you can ask a member of the team to help.

Emergency DAO

The emergency DAO multisig may kill non-factory pools up to 2 months old. It may also kill reward gauges at any time, setting its rate of CRV emissions to 0. Pools that have been killed will only allow users to remove_liquidity.

See the members of the emergency DAO in the technical docs:

The Curve DAO may override the emergency DAO decision of killing a pool, making it alive again.

Last update: 2023-09-12