Getting listed on Curve

1. Requirements

The first step for a Curve listing is meeting its requirements which involve the following:
  • Market cap above $10m
  • At least one audit from a reputable firm

2. Signal vote

The second step is a signal vote where governance participants vote to add your token on Curve. A quorum of at least 5% is required to do so. You can find an example of a signal proposal here.
You can discuss this proposal with @charlie_eth on Telegram before posting it.

3. DAO Vote

After the signal, your pool can be deployed. You will have to consider whether you wish to offer incentives on the Curve platform and how you plan to drive liquidity to the pool.
If you plan to offer rewards, you will need to use this contract: which is audited and battle-tested.
Your pool can be deployed but it will not earn CRV until it goes through a DAO vote. The DAO vote creates a gauge where people can stake their LP token and receive CRV. A vote takes 7 days and after it goes through, governance participants can allocate their voting weight to your gauge to direct some of the CRV inflation to it. Those votes happen on Thursday midnight UTC which means if your DAO vote passes on a Tuesday, it can only start receiving CRV on the Thursday.
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