Multi-Chain: Curve DAO Token

The Curve token can be bridged across various chains, though it does not always retain full functionality. Locking CRV to obtain veCRV, as well as rewards voting for cross-chain gauges, must be conducted on the Ethereum blockchain.


Multichain statement:
The Multichain service is currently halted, and all bridge transactions are suspended on their source chains. There is no confirmed time for service resumption.
Please refrain from using the Multichain bridging service at this time.

Network Contract Address Bridge
Arbitrum 0x11cDb42B0EB46D95f990BeDD4695A6e3fA034978 Arbitrum Bridge
Base 0x8Ee73c484A26e0A5df2Ee2a4960B789967dd0415 Base Bridge
Optimism 0x0994206dfE8De6Ec6920FF4D779B0d950605Fb53 Optimism Bridge
Polygon 0x172370d5Cd63279eFa6d502DAB29171933a610AF Polygon Bridge
Gnosis 0x712b3d230F3C1c19db860d80619288b1F0BDd0Bd Gnosis Bridge
Avalanche 0x47536F17F4fF30e64A96a7555826b8f9e66ec468 Multichain
Fantom circle@2x Fantom 0x1E4F97b9f9F913c46F1632781732927B9019C68b Multichain
Celo 0x173fd7434B8B50dF08e3298f173487ebDB35FD14 Multichain