Multi-Chain: Curve Stablecoin (crvUSD)

crvUSD was first introduced in May 2023 on the Ethereum blockchain. As of [specific date or period], this stablecoin can be minted exclusively on the Ethereum mainnet.

Understanding crvUSD

Despite being launched on Ethereum, crvUSD can be bridged to various chains:

Chain crvUSD Token Address Official Bridge
Ethereum 0xf939E0A03FB07F59A73314E73794Be0E57ac1b4E ---
Arbitrum 0x498Bf2B1e120FeD3ad3D42EA2165E9b73f99C1e5 Arbitrum Bridge
Optimism 0xc52d7f23a2e460248db6ee192cb23dd12bddcbf6 Optimism Bridge
Base 0x417Ac0e078398C154EdFadD9Ef675d30Be60Af93 Base Bridge
Gnosis 0xaBEf652195F98A91E490f047A5006B71c85f058d Gnosis Bridge
polygon-matic Polygon 0xc4Ce1D6F5D98D65eE25Cf85e9F2E9DcFEe6Cb5d6 Polygon Bridge