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Understanding multichain

Understanding Multichain

Curve exists across several chains, with several more planned. Curve's primary chain will always be Ethereum, but other sidechains have advantages including speed and cost. In order to use Curve on other chains, you must typically send your funds from Ethereum to the sidechain using the chain's bridge.

All of Curve's active chains can be found in the "Networks" menu on the Curve homepage.

Supported Sidechains as of 11/14/2022

Connecting your Wallet

When you move to new chains, you will need to connect your wallet with the chain's RPC and chain ID. Generally Curve sidechain pages have a button you can press to automatically switch networks and populate this information for you.

A common issue with sidechains is RPC networks that are temporarily or permanently unavailable. If you are having trouble connecting with RPC networks you may need to visit the chain's support networks to find a new RPC network.

Curve Forks

Curve forks include the following:


Avalanche is a sidechain that bills itself as "blazingly fast, low-cost and eco-friendly." Curve's Avalanche site is hosted at


Arbitrum is an Optimistic Ethereum L2. Arbitrum validators optimistically assume nodes will be operating in good faith, which allows for faster transactions. However, to retroactively allow opportunity to challenge malicious behavior, settlement time can be slower. In some cases this could mean it takes up to one week to bridge funds off-chain, so plan accordingly.

Useful Links:

Binance Smart Chain

Curve does not operate on Binance Smart Chain. The team at Ellipsis ( launched a fork of Curve that provides similar functionality. The Curve team authorized this fork, but does not actively maintain this fund.


Using Curve on Fantom


Harmony is a proof-of-stake sidechain promising two seconds of transaction speed and a hundred times lower gas fee. Curve's Harmony offerings are at


Optimism is verified by a series of smart contracts on the Ethereum mainnet and thus not considered a real sidechain. Curve's Optimism branch is located at


Using Curve on Polygon


The xDai chain is a stable payments EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions.

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Last update: 2023-08-15