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Using curve on fantom

Using Curve on Fantom

Changing your MetaMask network

Fantom is an EVM-compatible chain meaning it can easily run with MetaMask. The first step of this tutorial is to set up a different the Fantom network on Metamask. Click on Settings and Networks and add. Fill details as below:

Acquiring FTM

Now that you're set up in MetaMask, you can browse any Fantom dapps with ease. Each account on Ethereum also exists on Fantom which means you can use the same addresses without issues on Ethereum and Fantom. Please note Fantom does not yet support MetaMask via Ledger.

To get started you'll need to get Fantom native currency FTM, you can acquire it on SushiSwap or most centralised exchanges. For the latter, you can transfer directly to your Fantom address via the Fantom blockchain. If you purchase FTM on the Ethereum blockchain, you can cross to Fantom using bridges.

This will let you transfer FTM from Ethereum to Fantom and start transacting.

Head to Curve

Once that's done you can also bridge USDC/DAI and deposit and swap on Curve Fantom website making sure you're connected to the Fantom network in your MetaMask settings:

Experience Curve like it's January 2020

Last update: 2023-08-15