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Permissionless Token Rewards

This section explains the process of setting any token reward using Etherscan. It's assumed that the user possess some familiarity with Etherscan or are competent in executing the transaction through an alternative tool.


Note that Curve has employed various gauge versions over time. If your attempts are unsuccessful, it might be due to version differences. Please dont hesitate to reach out to the Curve team.

Permissionless rewards are added in the following flow:

  1. Set reward token and distributor address.
  2. Approve reward token.
  3. Add rewards.

Setting the Reward Token and Distributor Address

Specify the reward token and the distributor address. The distributor address is the source from which the reward token will be sent to the gauge.


Ensure you have the required admin/manager permissions for the gauge. The address that deployed the gauge is set as the admin/manager. If you are not admin/manager, the transaction will fail.

To identify the manager, check the manager/admin in the "Read Contract" section on Etherscan. Some versions of this contract may also allow the factory owner to execute this call.

The deployer of the gauge is usually the manager of the gauge if the gauge was deployed via the Proxy of the Factory. If the gauge was deployed directly through the Factory contract itself, a quick migration needs to occur (see here).


This function should be called only once for a specific reward token. A repeated call to add_reward using a previously set reward token will fail. However, the distributor address for an already added reward token can be updated using the set_reward_distributor function. Over the lifetime of a gauge, a total of 8 different reward tokens can be set.

As add_reward() is an admin guarded function, you might need to call it from a ProxyContract. More information here.


On sidechains, permissionless rewards are directly built into the gauges. Whoever deploys the gauge can call add_rewards on the gauge contract itself (no need to migrate or do it via proxy).

add_reward(_reward_token: address, _distributor: address):

Function to add a reward token and distributor on Etherscan.

Parameter Type Description
_reward_token address Reward Token Address
_distributor address Distributor Address, who can add the Reward Token

Approving the Reward Token for Deposit

Visit the reward token contract address on Etherscan and switch to the "Write Contract" tab. Use the approve function, setting the spender as the gauge contract address and specifying the desired amount.


approve(_spender : address, _value : uint256) -> bool:

Function to approve _spender to transfer _value tokens.

Parameter Type Description
_spender address Gauge Contract Address
_value uint256 Amount to approve

Depositing the Reward Token

Deposit the reward token to the contract. This action initiates the first reward epoch, lasting one week (defined as 604,800 seconds or 7 * 24 * 3600). If no additional reward token is deposited using the same function, this reward epoch ends after the week.

If you additionally add a currently streaming token, both the newly added ones and all the remaining ones are combined, triggering a fresh week-long epoch.

For consistent reward distributions, it's advisable to deposit near the end of an epoch. If replenishing mid-epoch, ensure you compute the appropriate amount for a steady distribution rate.


deposit_reward_token(_reward_token: address, _amount: uint256):

Function to deposit _amount of _reward_token into the gauge.

Parameter Type Description
_reward_token address Reward Token Address
_amount uint256 Amount to be distributed over the week