Locking CRV

How to lock CRV


When a user locks their CRV tokens for voting, they will receive veCRV based on the lock duration and the amount locked. Locking is not reversible and veCRV tokens are non-transferable. If a user decides to vote-lock their CRV tokens, they will only be able to reclaim the CRV tokens after the lock duration has ended.

Additionally, a user cannot have multiple locks with different expiry dates. However, a lock can be extended, or additional CRV can be added to it at any time.

Users must specify the amount of CRV they wish to lock and their preferred lock duration. The minimum lock period is one week, while the maximum is four years. The amount of veCRV linearly decays over time, reaching 0 when the lock duration ends.

To lock some CRV token, visit either the old or new‚Äč user-interface.

CRV Locker

old UI

CRV Locker

new UI


The amount of veCRV received per CRV when locking depends on the duration of the lock. To calculate the amount of veCRV to receive, multiply the amount of CRV by (n/4), where n is the lock time denominated in years.